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FACT OF THE DAY: president obama does not have a plan in case the fire nation attacks

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Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly dislike the Baltimore Ravens more… they make it a little too easy, sometimes.

"Nobody has the right to turn out and tell me that I can’t wear a certain outfit, that I can’t go out to a certain place because I would be safer, or because a man looks at me…"

"what was she wearing?"
"was she drunk?"
"did she sleep around?"

here’s the thing: rape happens regardless of these factors.  that’s why it’s happened for centuries and that’s why it also happens to men, children, and people of all ages.  rape is not about sex.  it’s about exerting power over someone.  stop protecting rapists.

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2007: Is it worth getting lost to give out season tickets?

You all laugh but when you drive in Pittsburgh for your first time without getting lost, we will talk.

Sidney Crosby is adorable… and so very lost.

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